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1995 ford escort coefficient of drag

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Coefficiemt larger vehicles such as trucks, mud flaps are still important for their control of spray, and in a new version of the mud flap was introduced that has been shown to create significantly less aerodynamic drag than standard mud flaps. The main purpose of a rear spoiler in a vehicle's design is to counteract lift, thereby increasing stability at higher speeds.

In order to achieve the lowest possible drag, air must flow around the streamlined body of the vehicle without coming into contact with any areas of possible turbulence. A rear spoiler design that stands off the rear deck lid will increase downforce, reducing lift at high speeds while incurring a drag penalty. Flat spoilers, possibly angled slightly downward may reduce turbulence and thereby reduce the coefficient of drag. Side mirrors[ edit ] Side mirrors both increase the frontal area of the vehicle and increase the coefficient of drag since they protrude from the side of the vehicle.

1995 Ford Aspire

Several concept cars Autumn escort the s are replacing mirrors with tiny cameras [12] but this option is not common for production cars because most countries require side mirrors. Radio antenna[ edit ] While they do not have the biggest impact on the drag coefficient due to their small size, radio antennas commonly found protruding from the front of the vehicle can be relocated and changed in design to rid the car of this added drag. The most common replacement for the standard car antenna is the shark fin antenna found in most high efficiency vehicles.

A much more common option is to replace the windshield wipers with lower profile wipers, or to only remove the windshield wiper on the passenger side of the vehicle, and even to fabricate a deflector to deflect the air up and over the wipers. This mitigates the amount of drag by decreasing the frontal area of the blade. While such application may be useful for racing, for most road vehicles this would produce minimal improvement in overall drag reduction. Fabrication[ edit ] The application of new parts and concepts onto the vehicle design are easier to include when Davenport and iowa and escort the design stage of a vehicle, rather than in aftermarket 1995 ford escort coefficient of drag parts, however, the fabrication of these parts assists in the streamlining of the vehicle and can help greatly reduce the drag of the vehicle.

Most vehicles with very low drag coefficientssuch as race cars and high efficiency concept cars, apply these ideas to their design. In order for the air to flow smoother around the wheel well, smooth wheel covers are often applied. Smooth wheel covers are hub caps with no holes in them for air to pass through. This design reduces drag; however, it may cause the brakes to heat up quicker because the covers prevent airflow around the brake system. As a result, this modification is more commonly seen with high efficiency vehicles rather than sports cars or racing vehicles.

In a streamlined design the air flows around the vehicle rather than through; however, the grille of a vehicle redirects airflow from around the vehicle to through the vehicle, which then increases the drag. In order to reduce this impact a grille block is often used. May 02, 03, LOL Interesting that all those stats are from 93 and older cars too. Although I'll readily admit the G20 was more luxury I just have more fun driving now ; Fraychild May 02, 03, I'm still having a hard time accepting the fact that you've been a girl all this time Chris no offense intented BUT what's up with you and that Beetle Love woman??

If, theoretically, the G has less of that than the Dodge Viper The G isn't necessarily better than all the above listed cars I still gotta figure it out Reduces wind noise you say? Your posts crack me up!: This was a sad sign of the times in a 55mph society. Other engine choices included the then pretty new V6, rated at hp with a of 11 seconds, but due to shortages the old reliable but less powerful 85hp L6 came in most '79 Mustangs. Options included a four cylinder rated at 88hp and the radical Turbo-4 at hp. In my experience I recall that you could only get a V8 with the automatic and the Cobra package only came with the Turbo This body style, known as the Fox body, would be the backbone of Mustangs for the next 14 years before tooling changes would extend it another 11 years.

Updated What's your take on the Ford Mustang? Report Jerry I loved my 79 it was more fun every time I drove it.