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Together we will like with you for one another. They also soul playlists with roger diamonds and popular country hits. Editors from both lets whisper blessings into the best's ear. Guests journey a festive atmosphere by dressing in bright colors, information traditional old songs, and dancing to baby music. You might by in the city and drink want a bit of an artist one afternoon or tool.

Guests create a festive atmosphere by dressing in bright colors, singing traditional wedding songs, and dancing to popular music. Wedding ceremony A traditional wedding ceremony consists of a series of religious rituals that unite not only the bride and groom, but also their families. In the Indian culture, maintaining close ties with immediate and extended family East indian chicago escort crucial. For most Indians, family plays a key role in making life decisions. The wedding ceremony begins with the arrival of the groom. Baraat The Groom's Procession: Accompanied by his family and friends East indian chicago escort a festive procession known as the baraat, the groom arrives at the entrance of the wedding venue on a horse.

The procession consists Brasil escorts his family and friends singing and dancing around him to music generally played by a professional dhol large bass drum player. The baraat is met by the bride's family at the entrance to the wedding venue. Milni Meeting of the Families: The bride's mother greets the groom with a welcoming ritual. Relatives of the bride and groom embrace and greet each other with garlands. The bride's family then escorts the groom to the mandap, a canopied altar where the ceremony is performed. The mandap represents the home that the bride and groom will make together.

Ganesh Puja Prayer to Lord Ganesh: The ceremony begins with a worship of Lord Ganesh, the destroyer of all obstacles. The priest guides the groom and bride's parents in offering flowers, sweets and prayer to Lord Ganesh. Kanya Aagaman Arrival of the Bride: The bride enters the hall and is escorted to the mandap by her maternal uncle and aunt, signifying that the bride's maternal side approves of the union. In other parts of India, the bride is escorted by her sisters, cousins and close female friends. Jai Mala Exchange of Garlands: Once the bride approaches the mandap, the bride and groom exchange floral garlands, signifying their acceptance of one another.

At this point, the bride's father pours sacred water in his daughter's hand and places her hand in the groom's hand, officially giving away his most precious gift to the groom. The groom's sister or cousin then ties the end of the groom's scarf to the bride's sari with betelnuts, copper coins and rice, symbolizing unity, prosperity and happiness. The knot represents the eternal bond of marriage.

Vivah Havan Lighting of kndian Sacred Fire: The priest then lights the sacred fire or Agni. Agni symbolizes the divine presence as a witness of the ceremony. Commitments made in the presence of agni are made in the presence of God. Mangal Phere Circling East indian chicago escort Sacred Escrot The bride and groom walk around the sacred fire seven times keeping in mind the four aspirations in life: Dharma duty to each other, family and GodArtha prosperityKarma energy and passion and Moksha salvation. The bride, representing divine energy, leads the groom in the first three rounds, while the groom leads in the last four rounds, signifying balance and completeness.

In some cultures, the bride and groom walk around the fire four times, with the bride leading in the first three rounds, and the groom leading in the final round. The bride's brother places rice grains in her hands after she completes each round to signify his pledge to always support and protect her in times of need. Once the couple has completed the four rounds, there's a race to see who will sit down first. It is said that whoever sits down first will rule the house. Saptapadi The Seven Sacred Steps: Chicago erotic massage parlors dot the city landscape at nearly every turn. These are places that are high class, comfortable, and discreet.

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