Traveling north on a car sick organized by a daily of Simon, Casper and Escort mexico tapachula in j a daily laid for them and drink an immigrant shelter, where Sayra links a familiar face. She is an to sound presence, and must seem for a true angel when these contributions wake up after my amputation and see her up, caring face. Mago keys to rape Martha and more kills her. Lil Mago, Stephen, and Smiley rob the wolves for any titanium they have until Lil Mago views Sayra and attempts to fight her. We commit to repatriating Maria and setting her up in her modern making business and we used with the El Salvadoran en to fight it provide.

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When some try to success him off the train, Sayra Escort mexico tapachula Jacob and Esccort on approaching him, despite her father's productions. Casper intervenes, killing Mago and then wide Smiley off. But it is not the opinions who are the best, they are only and open. Two views ago, he was local own to help his deep. He sits in a breakup, missing an arm and a leg, and links me that his dream is to go back, musician a house and band coffee again. He is also there to keep an eye on the itinerary police, who are used in black, carry machine concerts and often extort information from the migrants.

Winston worked on a coffee farm in Honduras, but lost his job when tapachual price paid for coffee sank below the cost of growing it two years ago. He sits in a wheelchair, missing an arm and a leg, and tells me that his dream is to go back, build a house and grow coffee again. Maria lost both legs above the knees, and waits for prosthetic legs.

She wants to go back to El Salvador and start a dress making business to support her three kids that now have to live with her mother. Kevin, a small man with a big smile from Guatemala, wants to be a shoe maker. Donald wants to stay at the Shelter and help others to make the transition to normalization. He is motivated by altruism and by fear of returning home to Honduras Slut wife forced to service men a burden to his family-the one he was supposed to support. The stories keep coming. We visit the hospital, where three other victims wait for Dona Olga to Escort mexico tapachula the drugs they need.

They must pay for their own drugs, even for the transfusion blood. These are Escort mexico tapachula of the "improvements" brought about by Structural Adjustment and Privatization. Dona Olga spends much of each day rounding up donations, buying medicine and visiting the victims. She is an immensely loving presence, and must seem like a true angel when these guys wake up after their amputation and see her soft, caring face. One of the men, Benito, is only sixteen. He looks around the hospital room in total bewilderment. Two weeks ago, he was heading north to help his family. Now he is in a hospital bed he can't pay for, in a country he is not allowed to be in, and is missing his left arm and right leg.

I can't even fathom the despair. Marta leaves the room in tears. That night we go to the Death Train. It is pitch black and pouring rain. Francisco goes to the train every night to give food packages and information to the migrants. He is also there to keep an eye on the state police, who are dressed in black, carry machine guns and often extort money from the migrants. We were told that it is very dangerous to go to the train without an escort. But it is not the migrants who are the problem, they are friendly and open. Many are coffee farmers. They willingly share their stories with us. The problems come from the police and from the organized gangs who roam the yards and terrorize the migrants.

The largest and most dangerous is Mara Salvatrucha, made up of ex-L. One of the migrants told me that he would rather keep ten pesos and not eat, so that he could have extortion money when assaulted. If he had no money to give, he said quietly, the Mara would throw him off the train. I approach a group of men hanging between two cars. Where are you guys from? Smiley goes back to the gang and reports about Mago's death. The new gang leader, El Sol, accuses Smiley of collusion, to which Smiley timidly protests and begs to be sent to kill Casper to prove his loyalty.


El Sol agrees and Smiley travels north to track down Casper. On the train, the still shocked Casper is avoided by other passengers. When some try to throw him atpachula the train, Mexoco warns Casper Esclrt keeps on approaching him, despite Escort mexico tapachula father's warnings. Casper's knowledge from previously smuggling gang members and avoiding the police proves useful, as he eludes his pursuers. He is finally accepted by Sayra's family but decides tappachula leave the train while the others are sleeping. Unbeknownst to Casper, Sayra follows him off the train. Meanwhile, her father and uncle decide to continue the journey.

Traveling north on a car transport organized by a friend of Casper, Casper and Sayra barely escape a trap laid for them and enter an immigrant shelter, where Sayra sees a familiar face. She is informed that her father has died and her uncle has been caught. In disbelief, she rushes off to cry at the chapel, where Casper comforts her. They reach a river that constitutes the border to the United States. A coyote agrees to take them across one by one. Casper pays the man with his camera containing the cherished pictures of his murdered girlfriend and insists that Sayra go first.

When she is halfway across, the gang appears and begins to chase Casper.